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The sun was shining, frisbees were flying, supporters were seated and four new teams showed off their shiny new kits. 



Game 1

Ravenous Midges came out strong in the opening game turning some aggressive play and speculative scoobers in to a 2 point advantage over Mayhem. Veteran Phil Webb was able to get his team off the mark thanks to the safe hands of Hamish Haridas but they could still do nothing to stop the Midges Matt Scott to Laurie Brown connection. The turning point came at 3-1 down when the supposedly injured Rory Curran decided to boot up and inject some fire in to the match. Mayhem were able to claw back RMs advantage and tied the game just before the buzzer. The heat may have played it's part as Ravenous Midges appeared more lethargic in the closing stages and their athletic opponents scored the final two points of the game. In the end it was a tale of wayward hammers and layouts that might have been for the disappointed Midges.


Ravenous Midges 5-7 Mayhem



Game 2

Fever Pitch showed their strengths from the off with some quick offense points thanks to their big receivers and hucking prowess of Steven "Bum" Gordon. In contrast, Irn Cru played a more patient style, swinging the disc, making lots of passes and taking small gains. Although this cost them an early break point their safe approach kept them in the game as they traded at one point down. The Fever continued to press their advantage in the deep areas of the field with notable grabs from rookie Cameron Hawkins. However, a string of successful 1-2-3-1 calls run by Cru captain Asif Arshad provided the adrenalin required for his team to take control. The unstoppable flick of Maura Malgaretti put Irn Cru 6-5 up at the buzzer and although they stuttered at the first attempt they worked the disc calmly to the end zone to win in sudden death.


Irn Cru 9-8 Fever Pitch



Game 3

Fever Pitch had to suck up their narrow loss, rehydrate and take to the pitch straight away. Unphased by their previous defeat they looked the early favourites thanks to tireless cutting from Brian Hudson. Ravenous Midges responded with fluid handler movement from captain Kirsty Webb and a layout score from Conor Docherty which generated applause from first time spectators. Fever Pitch continued to trade up and had chances to increase their lead with blocks coming from Tim Kelman and Stewart "Dickie" Dick. Both squads gave everything in the afternoon heat to try to claim a first win but yet again it was the team behind for most of the match that stepped up to claim victory. Ravenous Midges were hungry, taking the lead just before the buzzer. Although Fever were able to force sudden death they could not muster the strength to defend the final point.


Fever Pitch 5-6 Ravenous Midges



Game 4

The final showdown of the day saw two undefeated teams go head to head for Week 1 bragging rights. Mayhem started the strongest, again displaying their athletic attributes as Niall Patterson constantly found space in the endzone. Irn Cru regrouped and retaliated with a succession of deep shots to bring the game back to within 1. Their strength in depth and some agile one handed grabs from Kerem Arkatunali showed they were never going to gift turnovers to their opposition. It took a thoughtful foot block from Martin Hayes to stop the Irn Cru onslaught and the game was tied at sudden death when the final whistle blew. The Cru had Mayhem clamped down outside their own endzone and came within millimetres of a layout block, but a cute one-two manoeuvre from Sally Carswell allowed Mayhem the space to put it deep to Rory Curran who burned his man to the endzone. 


Mayhem 7-6 Irn Cru



An exciting end to an exciting week. Mayhem ended the day undefeated showing they are anything but chaotic, while Fever Pitch could not handle the heat of a sweaty double header. Ravenous Midges will be out for blood next week and Irn Cru will be looking to back up a phenomenal performance. Some very tight games, some highs, some lows and a quiz and beer to end the afternoons proceedings. Summer League will return this weekend. 

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